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What Are Poquito Pants™??

side view rear view interior view
side view (Classic style) rear view interior view

Poquito Pants™ are the original reusable, machine washable, cloth training pants especially designed for babies who use the potty. Unlike diapers, they are designed with just enough absorbency to hold one wetting, assisting you and your child in maintaining awareness of their elimination. The pants help to protect a child's clothes, as well as your furniture and rugs, from accidents, and are intended to be changed immediately upon wetting.

Poquito Pants™ fit snugly like a bikini brief, with a narrow crotch and a low rise. Soft elastic at the legs and waist holds in messes. The Classic style offers adjustable plastic snaps at the sides for versatility, allowing you to snap them on with your child lying down, or to pull them up with the snaps already fastened (*A hint for those with squirmy babies that hate getting dressed; fasten one side and pull it on to one leg. Then, with your child standing or crawling away from you, pull the open side around the waist and fasten it.) The snaps are also very helpful in the event of a messy accident.

Poquito Pants™ training pants are now available in 2 styles:

Classic style Pull-On style
Classic style with side snaps Pull-On style

Both styles of Poquito Pants™ are made with a soft, organic cotton interlock lining and and are available in a variety of outer fabrics, with or without waterproof laminate for extra protection (organic fabrics are now available). The pants are designed with just enough 100% cotton padding to offer quick absorption while maintaining a smooth profile. Fabrics are pre-washed and dried to prevent shrinking and all pants are garment washed for optimal softness. They can be machine washed and dried in your electric dryer (even the waterproof ones!).