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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order my Poquito Pants™?

Poquito Pants™ are available in our Etsy Shop! If you would like to receive e-mail updates of the latest product availability, please join the Poquito News announcement list.

Can I buy a pattern to sew my own Poquito Pants™?

We are currently working to have the Poquito Pants™ Home Sewing Pattern available for download from our Etsy shop.

How many Poquito Pants™ do I need?

If you will be ECing, how many Poquito Pants™ you will need depends on how often you can do laundry. Because stress is not good for ECing, make sure you have enough that you will not worry about running out of clean pants. If you wash every other day, get enough for 2-3 days(about the same amount you would need of cloth diapers and minus a few if you'll be using something else at night or letting babe have some naked time), if you can wash every night, you'll just need enough for one day plus a few spares. You usually need fewer pairs for older children who have stronger bladder and bowel control.

My child weighs 20 pounds. What size Poquito Pants™ should I get?

Because children come in all shapes, the best way to determine the size you need is by measuring your child's waist, legs and rise. If you can't get an accurate measurement, try measuring a diaper or a pair of underpants that fit your child well. The ages listed for each size can also give you some idea of the average age the sizes will fit, but they are not guaranteed.

How should I measure my child to figure out the rise?

The easiest way to see where the rise will fit your child is to mark the measurement on a piece of ribbon. Hold one end of the ribbon at the small of your naked baby's back and bring it between the legs up to the front (see our sizing page for a photo of where to measure). Poquito Pants™ sit below the belly, a couple inches under the navel, so if you can pull the ribbon up too high, you might consider the smaller size. If your child will not lie still for you to check, try marking the rise measurement on a pair of pants or a diaper.

What is the difference between the large and the large hi-rise?

The large hi-rise is the same width as the large size but it is 1" longer in the center. The pants will not neccesarily come up much higher on the waist, but will be a little higher on the hip. This size is perfect for toddlers who have gotten taller but not much bigger around. The large hi-rise is not recommended for toddlers under about 18 months of age, because they may sag in the crotch on smaller babies.