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Fabric Choices

Poquito Pants come in a variety of fabric choices.
Below are some of the colors and prints that *may* be available.
Click thumbnails to view larger swatches

*Colors may appear slightly different than the actual fabrics.

Non-Waterproof Fabrics

These fabrics are soft interlock knits, in 100% cotton, or cotton/polyester blends.

100% Organic Cotton Interlock Solids

This soft, stretchy knit is also used for the lining of all Poquito Pants™.
It's available in it's natural, undyed color, which we call Sand,
or in one of our special, hand-dyed shades

sand melon sun grass sky
Sand Melon Sun Grass Sky

100% Cotton Interlock Solids

This is our older style knit fabric available in limited sizes.

periwinkle lilac navy
periwinkle lilac navy

100% Cotton Interlock Prints

These colorful prints are available in limited sizes.

fireworks zoo baby zoo
fireworks zoo baby zoo

Waterproof Fabrics

These fabrics have been heat laminated with a waterproof polyurethane (PUL) backing. Keep in mind that, although the fabric is waterproof, pants made with it are not completely waterproof, and wetness may "wick" around the leg openings if they are very saturated. Those with a breathable laminate are marked with a star (*)

Waterproof Solids - 100% organic cotton knit

sand melon sun grass sky
Sand Melon Sun Grass Sky

Waterproof Solids - 100% polyester knit

mint rose pink lavender
mint* rose pink* lavender*
aqua yellow green turquoise
aqua yellow green* turquoise

Waterproof Prints - 100% polyester knit

clouds chicks
clouds* shiny chicks*

Waterproof Prints - 100% cotton knit

farm safari baby zoo
Farm Safari Baby Zoo
planes bears circles duckies
Planes Bears Circles Duckies

Waterproof Prints - polyester/cotton knit

butterflies angel
butterflies angel*