Wonderbaby Designs - the home of Poquito Pants baby underwear

About Wonderbaby Designs

Children are surrounded by wonder, it fills their spirits and overflows onto everything they encounter. Wonderbaby Designs was born out of this special sense of wonder. We are committed to creating beautiful, innovative, high-quality clothing and accessories for you and your wonderbaby.

Wonderbaby Designs is the home of Poquito Pants™ baby underwear, the first training pants made in sizes to fit all babies, from tiny newborns to stocky toddlers. The name comes from the Spanish word poquito, meaning very little, tiny or a little bit. Handmade since 2001, Poquito Pants™ were created as an alternative to diapers for families practicing Elimination Communication or EC, also called Infant Potty Training (IPT) and Natural Infant Hygiene (NIH).

Work-at-Home mom Robin Hagerty has been sewing since the age of five. It began with a Mattel SewPerfect sewing machine, which her father repaired many times before it finally died (he says he doesn't think it was intended for industrial use!) and became a lifetime love of textiles and fashion. She studied fashion design in college while working for a major retail fabric store, cutting fabric and trims and learning everything she could about textiles. After college, she spent over 5 years working as an Assistant Designer for 2 children's clothing manufacturers in LosAngeles, and had the privilege of designing a few of the garments you may have seen in your local Sears, Kmart, Target or Kohl's.

While practicing EC with her new baby in the fall of 2000, she was dismayed to find that she could not find training pants, or any underpants, that were small enough for babies, so she decided to make her own. When she shared her idea with fellow ECers, the response was overwhelming and Poquito Pants™ were born. You can read about the journey that led to the creation of Poquito Pants™ on the Wonderbaby blog